29 August 2019
Replacement Latent Defect Insurance Cover

Replacement Latent Defect Insurance Cover

Due to a number of last-minute issues, the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) has been unable to secure replacement Latent Defect / Residential Warranty cover via BCR Legal Group following the collapse of Alpha Insurance and are now issuing refunds.

This will affect over 20,000 customers of Alpha who no longer have cover; many of whom may be unaware. Not only does this put them in breach of their mortgage conditions, but homeowners may also be unable to sell their property in the future and they could be liable for substantial expense if structural defects or land contamination become evident.

The NHBC are unable to assist as they do not provide replacement (typically known as Retrospective) Latent Defect cover. Peacock Insurance, however, has negotiated terms with an ‘A’ Rated financially stable Insurance Company based in the UK in order to assist Alpha customers.

Peacock Insurance urges those concerned to take immediate action and contact them to discuss your circumstances. Please contact their specialist Latent Defect team on 02476 437626.

What is a Latent Defect / Residential Warranty policy?

This type of insurance covers defects made by contractors during construction that cause damage to the structure for 10 or 12 years after the building works completed. This type of insurance is usually taken out by the developer on behalf of the homeowner. It covers:

  • Workmanship faults
  • Faults in the design
  • Faulty materials
  • Faulty installation
  • Faulty construction
  • Contaminated land clean up costs

Do I need Latent Defect Insurance?

This type of cover is a mandatory requirement for all Major UK Lenders. This means that if no cover in force it is a breach of Mortgage Terms and Conditions. Homeowners will be unable to sell their home within the first 10 years and they could incur substantial costs should structural defects or land contamination occur.

Who to contact?

To discuss your circumstances please immediately get in touch with the Specialist Latent Defect Insurance team via Peacock Insurance on 02476 437 626 or warranty@peacockinsurance.co.uk.

19 June 2019
Bouncy castle & inflatable insurance this summer

Bouncy castle & inflatable insurance this summer

Summer is here, which means it’s the season for barbecues, garden parties, weddings and lots of inflatables. It’s all fun and games and no one really wants to think about insurance or legalities. Or, at least, until they need it. Therefore getting it in place before you think you need it is essential.

Check the hire company’s insurance

Making sure that the person or company that you hire your inflatables from this summer are adequately insured in the event of an accident for public liability, employers liability, and loss or damage to equipment will give you the extra peace of mind that if something were to happen, or somebody within your party was to be injured, that there will be an insurance policy to cover it.

Perhaps you’re having a bigger event or wedding, and you need the coverage for that too, our comprehensive insurance policy schemes ensure that you can get coverage dependent on your needs for exactly the purpose. We source from our dedicated panel of insurers a policy that is bespoke and catered towards your requirements.

For the Hire Company

There will no doubt be a lot of demand for your inflatables this summer as people flock to outdoor parties, host kids parties complete with bouncy castles and fun inflatables, or, perhaps, you offer something different for weddings and other events. Providing your customers with that extra peace of mind of having insurance in


To protect both yourself and your party, you should carry out some checks yourself when hiring the company and/or inflatables, and make sure you know exactly what is included with the hire. Especially, in terms of set up. You’ll want to be certain that the hire price includes drop off, set up, or for more complex inflatables, that an operator from the company will be around to oversee the day’s activities.

If the inflatables aren’t secured into the ground, this could be a health and safety hazard, so check what the setup includes as standard. Or, if you’re a provider, you might want to give full details to your customers about what is included with the hire.

Our Information

At Peacock Insurance, we are members of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance which means that we work with owners of bouncy castle and inflatable hire businesses to succeed in the insurance element of their business. This helps to fully protect them against any eventuality – providing up-to-date tips and guidance where relevant.

We offer specialist inflatable insurance for any operator or hire of inflatable equipment which is a must
for anybody dealing with the public, or having use out of their equipment.

Search the market today to find the best deal for you! Or get in touch with one of our friendly advisers.

13 June 2019
The perils of not insuring your caravan this summer

The perils of not insuring your caravan this summer

Legally, you aren’t required to hold caravan insurance, even when on tow. This is unlike the legal obligation for you to hold car insurance, as caravans are often covered by most insurers in their car insurance policies. Although, it is crucial to inform your insurance company of this, as having a towbar fitted to your car can, in some cases, technically account for a modification to your car.

Relying on just your car insurance will only give you third party insurance cover too. This is perfectly acceptable in some circumstances, however, it does mean that should your caravan be involved in a collision, suffers damage, or is stolen, you will not be covered. The question to ask yourself is: can you afford the loss, if the worst were to happen, by avoiding caravan insurance?

This being said about the legalities of caravan insurance, there are legal restrictions as to who can tow. If you passed your driving test after 1 January 1997 and have an ordinary category B car licence you can’t legally tow a vehicle and trailer combination without taking a separate test.

Licences issued before 1 January 1997, on the other hand, generally allow drivers to drive a vehicle and trailer combination of up to 8,250kg MAM. Although, it’s always worth checking your individual driving licence information to be sure. You can do this through the Gov.uk website.

So, whilst you may not have the legal obligation to insure your caravan, you need to be absolute about the sort of licence that you hold – otherwise, this could land you in a whole load of trouble.

What type of caravan insurance do we offer?

The two types of caravan insurance:

  • Static caravan insurance for those caravans in fixed holiday parks or seaside resort locations.
  • Touring or tourer caravan insurance which covers all caravans being towed behind a vehicle.

Take a look at our website to search for caravan insurance today or get in touch with one of our advisors who will be only too happy to help!

11 April 2019
Securing the house ready for your holidays

Securing the house ready for your holidays

Everybody loves a getaway in the sun. No work, pure family time, and totally stress-free. Or rather, so it should be. You don’t want to have to worry about a thing, so taking precautions before you jet off can alleviate worry and may prevent you from returning to a catastrophe.

Check windows and doors

Seems rather simple, right? This is the easiest and simplest approach that often gets overlooked by thousands of householders. They may leave a window unlocked, or worse, top openers slightly open. Not to mention leaving sheds and garages unlocked for all to wander in. It doesn’t matter even if there’s nothing of value in them, it’s best to keep them locked up! If burglars have gained entry to an outhouse, just think how easy it would be for them to come back and hatch a plan to get inside your house where all the real valuables are.

Turn off your boiler

If you know that the weather is not set to be frosty for the duration of your holiday, then turning off your heating will help you to save some pennies whilst you’re soaking up the sun. You could always set it on a timer to come on a few hours before you’re due to arrive home so you walk into a warm home!

Turn off electricals

Turning off electricals at the source by switching the socket off or simply unplugging devices and electricals will not only save you money on your utilities whilst you are away, but it will also reduce the risk of anything catching fire. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, that would be the last thing you’d want to come home to.

Ask family, friends or a neighbour to check on the house regularly whilst you are away

If you are away for a number of weeks, your post will pile up, and the biggest giveaway of somebody being away is uncollected post. Have somebody collect your post for you, or get Royal Mail to hold onto it through their Keepsafe scheme.

Don’t post on social media

As much as you may want to post your ventures on social media to show everyone what an incredible time you’re having, just be aware of who can see what you’re posting, and the signs it may give i.e. if your house is now empty, how long are you away for, and even based on your profile, what kind of valuables you have in your home.  Don’t post new items on social media either. Got a new TV? Great. But don’t post a new picture of it on social media, then tag yourself at the airport on Facebook.

Padlock sheds and garages

Some people neglect to lock up their sheds and garages for thinking that there is nothing of value stored in there. Burglars will see that if outhouses aren’t secure, then, the house probably isn’t either. Strong padlocks and visible locks will help to deter any burglar away from the household.

Use timers

Using electric timers to have your lights come on at specific times of the day can really create the illusion as though you really are home. Nothing is more tell-tale of an empty abode than a house sat in darkness.

Need home insurance? Our team of experts can help to source and compare insurance policies for you instantly. Get in touch today with your requirements.

5 March 2019



2 October 2015
Prepping the House for Winter

Prepping the House for Winter

winter is comingWinter is coming and while the Starks mostly had to worry about stocking up on firewood, modern Brits have bigger concerns when it comes to weatherproofing homes. With subzero temperatures on their way it’s crucial for homeowners to start thinking about how to prepare for the chilly winter months. Looking for a place to start? Read on for our guide to prepping your home for the winter.

Give the roof a once over

Small leaks can often repel the light rainfalls seen in summer however when laden with heavy rain and snow even the tiniest of holes can quickly become a serious problem. Before the winter weather sets in take the time to give your roof a once over and ensure that there aren’t any leaks, cracks or missing tiles.

Bleed radiators in unused properties

If a property will be vacant for even a week or two during winter it’s always a good idea to bleed radiators. This will ensure that the pipes don’t freeze and crack in the cold weather, thus creating serious issues when water systems are used in the future.

Check boiler insurance

Boilers are what keep homes cosy and comfortable during the winter months. If yours breaks and you can’t afford to fix it expect to endure an alarmingly chilly few months. Avoid this by covering your home with boiler insurance that will ensure you stay toasty warm all winter long.

Clear out gutters

Winter brings plenty of rain so it’s important for homeowners to clean out gutters before the severe weather hits. Yes, it’s not the most enjoyable task but if you fail to unclog roofing pipes you could find yourself facing flooding in heavy downpours.

Cut back low hanging branches

The UK is no stranger to wild winds that toss around tree branches like matchsticks. To minimise the risk of any damage to property exteriors hire a professional to trim low hanging branches that are dangerously close to the house.

Adequately insulate

Every winter Brits fork out a huge amount of cash on heating bills. But did you know that simply by installing efficient insulation homeowners can slash the amount they spend on gas and electricity? This can be as complex as investing in double glazing or as simple as purchasing thicker curtains.

Winter can wreak havoc on buildings but by following these hardy tips you’ll be able to protect your property against the worst of the weather.

29 September 2015
Innocent Driver’s Car Impounded for Not Carrying Insurance Documents

Innocent Driver’s Car Impounded for Not Carrying Insurance Documents

funny insurance claims Whether you drive a shiny new BMW or a second hand Mazda, insurance should never be scrimped on. Most Brits are responsible about taking out cover yet unfortunately, not everyone enjoys a smooth ride, even when they’ve done the right thing. Earlier this month Lancashire teenager Keaton was stopped by the police and had his mum’s car seized, all because their records showed that he wasn’t covered by insurance. Now, he’s being forced to pay £150 in order to reclaim the car when in fact, he was covered by a temporary car insurance policy all along.

Despite the fact that Keaton offered to show police a copy of the temporary policy back at his Langroyd Road home, they insisted on seizing the vehicle. He’s now being asked to pay £150 fee to reclaim the car, as well as a daily fee for each day it’s been stored in the Lancashire Police hold. Keaton and his mum are appealing the fees though the police assert that all temporary policy holders should always carry a copy of their policy while driving, should a situation like this arise.

Clearly, the concept of a temporary insurance policy is surrounded by confusion so to help clear it up we’ve put together a quick guide to everything you need to know. 

What is temporary car insurance?

As the name suggests, temporary car insurance offers policy holders short term cover on a temporary basis. Unlike most policies which run for 12 months, temporary insurance can be taken out for as little as one month.

When is it useful?

If you’re borrowing a friend or relative’s vehicle or want to add another eligible driver to your policy, temporary insurance is a great option.

Is it cheaper than adding someone to an existing policy?

While it’s relatively easy to add another driver to an existing policy it’s not always the most cost effective option, especially if they only plan on driving for a month or two. Temporary insurance gives policy holders the flexibility to add another driver to their existing policy, without having to pay for an entire year of cover.

Does it affect the no-claims bonus?

As a temporary insurance policy is an entirely different form of cover no-claims bonuses won’t be affected should the temporary driver make a claim.

Is it automatic?

While insurance policies should generally kick in instantaneously, police may not necessarily have access to the new records. As seen in Keaton’s case. As such, always carry a copy in the car just to be safe.

28 September 2015
How to Get More Clients as a Local Tradesman

How to Get More Clients as a Local Tradesman

Business on the rise in 2015With the economy still stabilising and foreign businesses threatening to hustle British jobs, it’s more important than ever for local tradespeople to win over as many clients as possible. Of course, it’s not quite as simple as setting up shop and watching the work roll in. Building up a steady client base requires time, dedication and a whole lot of effort. If you’re willing to commit, it’s 100% possible! So how can you drum up more clients as a local tradesman? Read on for our top tips that are guaranteed to get business booming, whether you specialise in roofing, plumbing, electrics or any other profession.

Advertise locally

Want to attract local business? Advertise locally! If you’re a small scale business big scale advertising ploys simply aren’t going to be worth your while. Instead look at purchasing advertising space in the local community newspaper, tacking up flyers on supermarket billboards, handing out business cards and doing door to door leaflet drops.

Provide excellent service

Repeat custom and word of mouth promotion are two of the most valuable business strategies a tradie can employ. And the best thing about them is that they’re both dead easy – as long as you provide excellent service that makes your customers want to return or recommend you to family and friends.

Join database sites

By signing up with database websites such as Trust a Trader you’ll be ensuring that you expand your target customer base as much as possible. Plus you’ll be visible to the plethora of Brits that now use the internet to track down goods and services.

Offer special deals

Brits love a good deal, especially when it’s advertised as a ‘locals only’ special. Make your fellow city, town or borough dwellers feel as VIP as possible by offering them discounts.

Play on the ‘Buy British’ card

The ‘Buy British’ trend is hugely popular and by shouting out about the fact that you’re 100% UK owned and operated, you’ll appeal to the hordes of Brits who want to support local businesses.

Cover your business with insurance

By covering your business with a comprehensive trades insurance policy you’ll be able to offer your customers the total peace of mind that their order is 100% protected. Don’t forget to advertise the fact that you’re insured so new customers choose you over the competition.

Ready to get business rolling in? Follow these tips and you’ll soon notice a huge difference.



25 September 2015
Could a New App Cut Your Car Insurance Premium?

Could a New App Cut Your Car Insurance Premium?

motor trade used carsAcross the UK Brits rely on motor vehicles to get them from A to B. However unfortunately for motorist bank accounts, petrol and car maintenance aren’t the only costs associated with owning a vehicle. Car insurance is an absolute must though it definitely doesn’t come cheap. What’s more, responsible drivers are often forced to pay the same premiums as their reckless counterparts… until now.

Thanks to the launch of a brand new smartphone app that actively monitors driving behaviour, motorists could now enjoy the opportunity to lower their premiums if they receive a high enough score.

Technology takes to the roads

Developed by Octo Telematics, Octo U uses GPS technology to build a driver risk profile based on a handful of factors. Acceleration, braking and cornering are all taken into account to generate a score which can be used to convince insurers a driver is eligible for a low risk policy. Not measuring up? No worries! The app continuously updates profiles and when a high enough score is achieved drivers can seek out a personalised discounted motor insurance quote.

Safer roads for all

For the UK as a whole the app is a fantastic opportunity to transform the reckless driving behaviours that are responsible for so many accidents, injuries and fatalities. Road safety charity Brake is an avid supporter of the app and maintains that technology such as Octo U is the key to making British roads as safe as possible.

Dr Tom Fisher of Brake explains, “Changing driver behaviour is crucial in reducing collisions and helping all road users to make safer choices at the wheel; in-vehicle technology is an invaluable tool in informing and improving driver behaviour.”

Fabio Sbianchi, CEO of Octo Telematics also stresses that the app is a great opportunity for insurers to cash in on data regarding their policy holders. “By downloading the app, motorists are buying into the concept of telematics at an entry-level. This doesn’t replace black box technology, but opens the door for insurers to introduce a wider range of policies and services based on a clearer picture of the type of driver they are,” he says.

Want in on the action? Octo U is available to download for free from the Apple App Store for iPhone and the Google Play and Amazon Kindle stores for Android devices.

21 September 2015
Most Common Reasons of a Breakdown

Most Common Reasons of a Breakdown

Picture the scene: you’re on the road heading to a friend’s wedding, a daughter’s birthday, a crucial business meeting or some other must-not-miss event. Suddenly, your engine begins to splutter and before you know it, you’ve pulled up at the side of the road with a car that won’t start and a party, meeting or other event that you’re definitely going to miss.