Peacock Insurance Services Limited have been appointed by Ark Insurance Group limited to provide assistance to CRL Clients whom have contacted Ark directly. Peacock Insurance are an insurance broker who specialise in Latent Defect Insurance Policies. Peacock sell a variety of insurance products to cover both personal and commercial requirements. Peacock offer policies from a limited number of Insurers. In some circumstances, offer the policies of a single Insurer for certain lines of business, however Peacock are not contractually bound to do business in this way. Peacock Insurance and Ark Insurance share a common ownership however both are separate legal entities, each with their own FCA regulatory obligations. For full details please see Peacocks Terms of Business

CRL has received a winding up Petition ( and it is understood that CRL have stopped trading and are seeking to enter into a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Peacock Insurance do not have access to any records. Once permission is received from a CRL client, to assist Ark Insurance will supply Peacock Insurance a copy of the original statement of fact, which is all the records that Ark Insurance hold.  Peacock Insurance have no affiliation with CRL and cannot access any documentation, survey reports, premiums or payments.  A list of required documents will be sent and these will need to be supplied to Peacock Insurance by CRL clients.

Please contact Peacock Insurance on 02476 437626 or email Peacock Insurance have processes in place to request documents from clients and to help arrange outstanding surveys through a third party company.

All documentation needs to be supplied to Peacock Insurance whom will act as the administrator and conduit with Ark. This documentation will in turn be collated and submitted to Ark Insurance. Should any documentation be missing the final certificate may not be capable of being issued, exclusions in the Insurance Policy or cover refused entirely.

The insurance premium is protected once received by BCR Legal. Your insurer is UK based and financially strong and ‘A’ rated. If you are concerned about this payment for your Insurance premium – please contact

Peacock Insurance and Ark Insurance were not involved with the liquidated Danish Insurer Alpha, nor in the compensation arrangement with the FSCS. Please contact CRL or the FSCS or BCR Legal with any queries about this.

This payment is not regulated by the FCA and is held by CRL. Please contact your surveyor if survey paperwork is outstanding.

All claims should be reported to your developer in the first instance. If your developer has gone into liquidation please contact

As per CRLs policy wording, please contact:-

CRL Management Ltd
c/o BCR Legal Group Limited
25 Dollis Park
N3 1HJ

Tel: 020 8343 3242

To contact BCR Legal:

BCR Legal Group
Sovereign House
1 Albert Place
Finchley London N3 1QB
DX No. 57260 Finchley 2

Tel: 020 8343 3242