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Why choose Peacock for your Restaurant Insurance?

Running a restaurant business can be a very hectic, time consuming and stressful affair which is why we understand at Peacock Insurance that being safe in the knowledge that your business is properly and adequately covered insurance wise is one less thing for you to worry about. Restaurant insurance polices are tailored to meet your exact needs ensuring that you can concentrate on your core business, namely satisfying your customers appetites and, as with any other business, ensuring their return and recommendations.

With our comprehensive list of insurer partners, we can find a policy to cover all restaurants including Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Italian restaurants, French restaurants, or indeed closer to home to the Great British Carvery.

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As with most Restaurant insurance policies, typical standard covers would include :

Public Liability Insurance

Cover for eventualities which include any third party who suffers loss, damage, injury or death due to your negligence whilst carrying out activities in connection with your business. It covers the costs of legal fees, expenses and subsequent damages awarded against you. Whilst Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, it is absolutely essential.

Products Liability Insurance

Again, covering your legal liability in the event of an accident or injury to third parties due to the sale or supply of goods.

Employers Liability Insurance

Much the same as Public Liability Insurance but differs in so far as firstly it is a legal requirement to have this insurance in place if you employ any staff. The Health and Safety Executive has the powers to close down your business permanently if Employers’ Liability insurance is not in place. It covers any claim for loss, damage, injury or death by an employee or their family if proven that you were negligent and could have prevented their loss.

Material Damage Insurance

Covers the contents (i.e. fixtures and fittings / stock in trade) of your restaurant against loss or damage.

Business Interruption Insurance

Covers the loss of profits from your business arising from insured events such as a fire. Four out of five businesses go bankrupt after such an event if they are not adequately covered in this respect.

Glass and sanitary ware cover

E.g. breakage of windows and toilets

Money cover

Cover for money held on or off the premises, in a safe, in transit or at the dwelling of named personnel. Standard indemnity limits vary.

Goods in Transit Insurance

Cover for your own goods whilst in transit.

Personal Accident Insurance

Including death, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement, loss of one or both eyes, loss of one or more limbs etc.

Additional extra policy features include: 

Buildings Insurance

Normally on an ‘all risks’ basis. Note that the buildings sum insured should not be the market value of the premises, but the sum required to reinstate the property fully after, for example a fire. This should also include any sums for the removal of debris etc. although some insurers include this as an extension to standard cover, together with damage caused by emergency services and ‘trace and access’ which means any reasonably incurred costs to locate the source of any damage.

Refrigerated stock cover

Cover for stock lost due to breakdown of refrigeration / freezer equipment.

Loss of Licence Insurance

If you were to lose your liquor licence or have it refused renewal from circumstances beyond your control, you can insure the depreciated value of your interest in the business and the costs for appealing against the decision.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Covers solicitors’ fees and expenses. It also covers the costs of barristers, witnesses, court costs and opponents’ costs if awarded against you.

Computer breakdown cover

Covers the breakdown / failure of equipment and subsequent loss or damage to records.

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DID YOU KNOW? You could SAVE UP TO 25% by calling & allowing us to personalise your Restaurant Insurance cover specific to your needs!

Interesting things to note: 

1 – When taking out a restaurant insurance policy as with most other general retailing insurance policies, your sums insured for stock will normally be automatically seasonally increased by between 20 and 30 per cent, dependent on the insurer, at such busy times as Christmas and Easter.

2 – Policies are generally index linked. This means that at renewal, your sums insured will automatically increase in line with whatever price index the insurer chooses to monitor such as the retail price index or the producer price index.

3 – Most good policies will automatically reinstate the sum insured after a loss i.e. if you were to have a £1,000 claim when your stock is insured for £1,000, any new stock will be automatically insured for that sum.

Peacock Insurance only use an extensive panel of restaurant insurers who specialise in Restaurant Insurance policies, so you know that however many covers your restaurant has, we will endeavour to offer you the cover you want at the price you want to pay.

Policies are suitable for:

  • Chinese Restaurants
  • Indian Restaurants
  • French Restaurants
  • Thai Restaurants
  • Italian Restaurants

Click to obtain a Restaurant Insurance quote now and buy online 24/7 or call 02476 437 600

DID YOU KNOW? You could SAVE UP TO 25% by calling & allowing us to personalise your Restaurant Insurance cover specific to your needs!

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