Bankrupts penalised by insurance companies

Insurance is a fact of modern life, but many motor, home and business insurance companies will ask if you are, or have ever been a bankrupt; this in turn could affect your ability to get cover, or the eventual cost of the insurance you need.

Bankrupts Insurance reports

A recent report from Debt Management Today shows that industry experts expect the number of people faced with being declared bankrupt will skyrocket into 2009. The sad fact is that more and more people are going through the pain of bankruptcy. To assist bankrupts get a fair deal when looking for insurance Peacock insurance services, based in Coventry, are working with leading insurance companies to develop schemes that provide cover to bankrupts looking for motor, home, motorcycle and liability insurance with little or no increase in premiums charged due to an individuals bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Insurance – What people say

A recent bankrupt who declined to be named commented “Bankruptcy should be a fresh start and the fact that an insurance company penalises me – someone that has never made an insurance claim – just because of my bankruptcy is grossly unfair. I need a car to work and I am no more of a risk than I was before my bankruptcy. I feel I am being kicked by insurance companies when I am down”

Looking for Insurance for bankrupts? Speak to Peacock Insurance

Peacock Insurance provide quotes for all types of insurance, either online or over the phone, and their understanding underwriting team provides individuals that have been, or are going through the trauma of bankruptcy with the insurance cover they need at the best possible price from a panel of enlightened insurance companies.. Just call 02476 437 600 or visit our homepage where you can compare a panel of insurers and buy online.

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