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Legal Requirement? Whilst under UK Law it is not a Legal Requirement you will find that Membership Bodies, Industry Regulators and your potential clients may insist on suitable Liability Cover being in place.

What are the Risks in not having Landlord Liability Insurance? Claims could run into millions. Can you afford the cost, time and risk your business closing by opting to have no Landlord Liability Insurance in place. Consider the repercussions to your business should your client take civil action if you were not adequately cover or had no cover at all!

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At Peacock, all policies are tailored made to meet your exact insurance needs. We can arrange policies for many Landlords from one man bands to national companies.

We arrange cover for:

  • Properties from one to multiple
  • Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Product, Sales and Servicing Indemnity
  • Property Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our Landlord Liability Insurance team has the experience needed to ensure you receive the right information and cover for your business. We go to the leading UK’s insurers on your behalf, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’ll get the cover you need at the right price, without the hassle of ringing around. We pride ourselves in taking the time to fully understand our client’s needs, ensuring you get the right policy for you or your business.

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Another reason for Landlord Liability Insurance:

In today’s society where there is an increasing trend towards claiming compensation in the event of an injury or loss, it is essential that your business is adequately insured against any such eventuality. The costs associated with any such a claim including legal costs may be substantial enough to cripple any business. 

What is Landlord Liability insurance and who needs it?:-

Public Liability Insurance is cover for eventualities which include any third party who suffers loss, damage, injury or death due to your negligence whilst carrying out activities in connection with your business. It covers the costs of legal fees, expenses and subsequent damages awarded against you. Whilst Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, it is absolutely essential. 

Employers Liability Insurance is much the same as Public Liability Insurance but differs in so far as firstly it is a legal requirement to have this insurance in place if you employ any staff (employers liability compulsory insurance act and regulations) . The Health and Safety Executive has the powers to close down your business permanently if Employers’ Liability is not in place. It covers any claim for loss, damage, injury or death by an employee or their family if proven that you were negligent and could have prevented their loss. 

Why Choose Peacock?

  • Professional, personal service with experienced staff
  • Competitive premiums from our panel of leading liability insurers
  • Cover for one man bands to national companies
  • Introductory discounts available for new ventures
  • Claims Management Service
  • Monthly Payment Plan

At Peacock Insurance we have strong relationships with many of the leading Landlord Liability insurance providers, ensuring we can obtain the exact cover you require at market leading premiums.

Click Compare Landlord Liability Insurance Quotes for an instant quotation & buy online 24/7 or call 02476 437 600

DID YOU KNOW? You could SAVE UP TO 25% by calling & allowing us to personalise cover specific to your needs!