23 February 2015

Holiday Accommodation Boosts UK Economy By £4 billion

According to the latest stats tourists renting holiday accommodation pump over £4 billion into the UK economy. These staggering figures come from a recent report commissioned by holiday rentals website HomeAway and put together by financial experts at the London School of Economics. The insightful study is the first of its kind and offered fascinating insight into the economic importance of the national holiday rentals market.


15 October 2014

From Country Taverns to Inner City Cocktail Bars, Every Pub Needs Insurance!

waiting woman pouring beerDespite differences in service, location and clientele, all pubs need insurance! Whether you run a sleek inner city cocktail bar or a friendly country pub, the risks are virtually the same. To give you an idea of why insurance is so important, we’ve put together a list of the most common issues faced by every pub, regardless of status.


5 September 2014

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

Working in the leisure industry is fun, exciting and full of laughter… Until someone gets hurt. Whether it’s a minor ailment of a fully-fledged hospital worthy injury, as a business owner the responsibility falls entirely on you, regardless of whether or not it was actually your fault. As such, ensuring that you take out adequate insurance cover is an absolute essential, no matter how carefree your workplace. To help you gauge an idea of who needs leisure industry insurance, we’ve put together this guide to a variety of different areas, what could go wrong and how to protect yourself.