15 October 2014

From Country Taverns to Inner City Cocktail Bars, Every Pub Needs Insurance!

waiting woman pouring beerDespite differences in service, location and clientele, all pubs need insurance! Whether you run a sleek inner city cocktail bar or a friendly country pub, the risks are virtually the same. To give you an idea of why insurance is so important, we’ve put together a list of the most common issues faced by every pub, regardless of status.

Broken glasses

Whether it’s due to clumsy customers or fumbling staff, broken glasses can soon turn into a significant expense. As such, every pub should have an insurance policy in place that covers damaged equipment.


While some areas are more prone to vandalism than others, no business is exempt from graffiti, broken windows, defaced signage and other malicious damage. Repairs can be extremely expensive which means that having an adequate insurance policy in place is strongly advised. Rather than stress over the cost of repairs, you enjoy the freedom to make an immediate call and get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Loss of license

For any pub, alcohol service is the heart and soul of the profit margin. Whether you serve cocktails, pints or a bit of both, losing your license can be company crippling. In a worst case scenario, pub insurance will help your business deal with the downfall and reimburse lost income while the premises are not in operation.

Employee liability

As a business owner you have a responsibility to ensure that your employees are safe while at work. When working in a fast paced environment dealing with liquids and food, there are all manner of things that could go wrong. From slips and trips to burns and broken bones, a pub insurance policy will have you covered in the case of any legal expenses or employee claims.

Fire and flood

No matter how fancy your service, no watering hole is safe from Mother Nature’s fury.  Weather is a major cause of UK business insurance claims which means that it is essential for all pubs to have an insurance policy in place that covers weather related damage.

Missing cash

Pubs generally deal with large amounts of cash which makes them a popular target for thieves. Businesses also face the issue of dishonest employees pocketing extra income. Whatever the scenario, a comprehensive insurance policy will ensure that your business is not out of pocket if any cash goes missing from the premises.

A good public house insurance policy will protect against all this and more – so it pays to be covered.