9 February 2022
New Year, New Cover

New Year, New Cover

New Year Resolutions

New Year, New Cover.

We all like to use the new year as an opportunity to set goals, achieve our dreams or quit bad habits.

Is your new year resolution to save money, start your own business or make more time for holidays? Do you have the right insurance cover to help with all of your goals? Whatever your aspirations, the new year is the perfect time to review and assess your insurance needs.

Peacock Insurance Services can help you to review and update your cover for 2022. Follow our useful New Year Resolutions – New Year, New Cover checklist below to make sure all of your insurance needs are covered in 2022.

1. Keep a diary of renewal dates

Make a list of all of the insurance covers you currently have for your personal and business needs.

Check when they are due for renewal.

Make a record of the dates. Whether it’s electronically or manually, make a diary for around three weeks before your renewal date to remind you that your insurance policy is due.

Save Peacock Insurance Services contact number with your diary and call to get a quote. We can help to find you the cover you need at a low premium by searching a panel of leading insurers saving you both time and money.

2. Update Your Home Buildings and Contents Cover

Did you receive expensive gifts for Christmas such as jewellery or art? Did you get that big screen TV, bicycle or mobile phone you wanted?

When was the last time you added up the cost of replacing all of your contents? The new year is the perfect time to review your home insurance needs. Why not try the following?:

a) Create a list of the contents in each room in your home (don’t forget hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and outbuildings). You’ll be surprised how it soon adds up and how much it costs to replace them.

b) Separate your contents into categories such as valuable items, items you take out of the home and those you keep in outbuildings.

c) Compare your current home insurance policy cover amounts for valuable items, personal possessions away from home, contents in outbuildings and high risk items such as bicycles and mobile phones.

Here at Peacock we can help you to review your home cover whether its contents only or combined with your building insurance making sure you have the security of the right cover whilst saving you money.

3. Plan for your 2022 holiday

Do you own your own touring or static caravan or holiday home? Do you plan to take some much needed time away next year? Have you checked your cover is right for you?

We offer different types of insurance cover for both touring and static caravans and holiday homes from a panel of leading insurers. Our experts will help you to ensure that your 2022 holiday won’t be affected by not having the right cover in place. In addition we can arrange cover for contents, awnings, and caravan and holiday home rental.

Check what cover is right for you with one of our specialists today.

4. Plan for your future business

Are you dreaming of setting up a new business? Do you run a business and want to make sure that you have the right cover so you can continue trading should anything go wrong? Do you have plans to expand your business and need additional security?

Here at Peacock Insurance we can arrange the following different insurance covers to help you achieve your business goals:-

Public Liability

Employers Liability

Motor Trade

Equipment Hirers

Commercial Property Insurance

Property Owners Insurance


Latent Defects Insurance

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Contact us and we will take you through our easy to follow quotation process setting you on your way to obtaining the business cover you need.

5. Schedule a New Year Personal Insurance Review

Schedule a personal insurance review with one of our agents. They will help you to take care of managing your insurance diary. We will then arrange for a specialist to call you back to review your policy requirements for when you need cover or when your policy is due for renewal.

Let Peacock Insurance Services help you with your New Year Resolutions – New Year, New Cover checklist, and start your year with the peace of mind that we will find you the right cover at the right price for any insurance need you have.

Information in this article was correct at time of publishing 19th January 2021

15 November 2021
Covid-19: The silver lining for the second-hand car trader

Covid-19: The silver lining for the second-hand car trader

Peacock Insurance is open and its business as usual.

Covid-19: The silver lining for the second-hand car trader.

Its boom time for motorists and the used car market, July saw the new car market take a dip but used car sales grew 108.6% in the second quarter of 2021 according to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

More than 2 million vehicles changed hands, up 6.6% on 2019 pre-pandemic levels, the best Q2 performance and almost the best quarter ever for the used car market.

This has seen an increase in both new traders riding the crest of the wave and previously experienced traders re-entering the market after a difficult 18 month period.

In addition to this new A-rated insurers have entered the market to both diversify and add a competitive angle to a previously hard market.

Peacock have you covered for every eventuality…………………

Unfortunately, during the height of the pandemic it seemed that there were a number of insurance brokers that simply didn’t have the fluidity to deal with the challenges that arose from the impact of COVID-19.

Many Brokers took steps to either reduce staff numbers with some even being forced to close.

Fortunately, Peacock Insurance were able to react quickly and decisively to this evolving situation.

Peacock remained fully operational throughout the pandemic using virtual office technology and continue to operate a hybrid model of both home and office working. Peacock Insurance would like you to feel assured that we are as we have been for over 15 years – fully committed to the motor trade community.

Motor Trade doesn’t have to cost the earth, whether you’re a Mechanic or Valeter, Sole Trader or Limited company, need a part or full time Policy, we can help find the right policy for you.

We have access to 95% of the UK market, all of which are A rated insurers operating within the industry, Peacock Insurance Services is an elite broker in the market who can help you with your insurance needs.

Our friendly, experienced Motor Trade Team are ready and prepared to assist all our clients as we continue to return to normal post pandemic. Our business continuity plan remains active so you are safe in the knowledge that whatever the circumstances are over the coming months we will be here to support you regardless.

Call us today on 02476 437647 or visit Motor Trade Insurance so one of our trusted experienced advisors can help you secure the right cover for your business.

The information contained in this article is accurate and compliant at the date of publishing on 05/11/2021

3 March 2020
Top tips to protect your static caravan

Top tips to protect your static caravan

At Peacock Insurance we know buying a static caravan is a huge financial responsibility, which makes protecting your investment very important, and when it comes to insuring your investment, it makes sense to arrange your insurance through a specialist broker.

Peacock Insurance understand the unique requirements of holiday home owners so we can arrange flexible cover options and excellent value for money, with leading insurers. Whether your static caravan is used solely by you and your family, or let out as holiday home on a commercial basis, we have the policy and cover to suit your needs.

As well as choosing a specialist broker like Peacock Insurance to arrange insurance for your holiday home, there is plenty you can do to protect your static caravan. Holiday Parks are often in areas that can be more susceptible to the elements like high-winds and flooding. As many people come and go at a holiday park, this gives a greater risk of theft and vandalism. Poor maintenance could reduce the lifespan of your holiday home. All of these possibilities make it important to be aware of what you can do to protect your investment in a static caravan.

Top tips to Protect Your Static Caravan

Tips to keep Your Static Caravan Secure

Choosing your holiday park

Check if your holiday park is a member of a ‘watch scheme’. Scheme members have seen reductions in theft and crime.

Find out how the site is managed. Is there on site security? Is there on site monitoring of alarms and CCTV?

At the end of the season are you required to empty your caravan? Whilst this may seem inconvenient it is an important factor in reducing crime on holiday sites.

Protect with an Alarm

Protecting your caravan with an alarm is a great deterrent for intruders. It will be heard all over the holiday park and in most cases intruders will run away.

Check your Locks

Make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave and at night time. This may seem obvious but when in a rush to pack up and get home, it’s easy to forget a window.

If your static does not have double glazing consider fitting window locks.

Install a Motion Sensor Light

Installing a motion sensor light outside is a great deterrent to burglars. If your pitch is flooded with light, it is unlikely they will run the risk of being seen. These can be purchased at reasonably priced from DIY stores.

Safety Tips for Your Static Caravan


Make sure the caravan is well ventilated and ensure vents are not blocked to avoid a build-up of poisonous gases.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that is invisible, and you cannot taste or smell it. Always have an approved alarm in your static caravan.

Smoke Alarms

Always have a minimum of one smoke alarm and check and change batteries yearly.

Fire Extinguisher

It is recommended that you have one or more fire extinguishers in your caravan, preferably within reach of the kitchen.

Fire Blanket

Keep a fire blanket in the kitchen to extinguish any cooking fires.


Ensure all appliances are off at night to minimise fire risk.

Gas Checks

Most holiday parks now recommend for your own safety that you have annual boiler & gas fire check carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Gas Cylinders

Make sure your gas connection pipe is secure and the gas bottles are stored in a safe place.

Always keep flammable items away from the cylinders.

Maintenance Tips for your Static Caravan

Gutters & Roof

Keep the gutters and roof free of debris, a simple sweep can prevent roof damage. Use an extended brush for your safety.

Regularly check the gutters and the roof for breaks and holes. If water builds up it can rot the roof and cause damp inside the caravan.


Holiday caravans are less insulated than standard homes and water can easily freeze, causing pipes to burst.

Turn off the water when you are not there and at the end of the season drain the water systems prior to leaving.


Check the chassis regularly and use wax oil to keep free of rust. Chassis damage repair is expensive but preventable.

Consider skirting if the holiday park is near the sea.


Check your homes foundations looking out for cracks and report any to the site owner.


Leave your curtains open when you are not in the caravan in the colder months, to air the caravan.


Regularly clean the outside of the caravan with a warm water and a detergent such as a car cleaner. Animal waste and tree sap can cause damage if left unchecked.

Talk to one of our insurance experts directly on 02476 437 600 & we will personalise your Static Caravan Insurance cover specific to your needs or visit this link for an online quotation!

26 February 2020
Peacock Insurance Services Supports National Apprentice Week

Peacock Insurance Services Supports National Apprentice Week

February 3rd 2020 was the start of National Apprenticeship Week; this is an annual weeklong celebration of apprenticeships across England and at this time we recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the whole of the country. At Peacock Insurance Services we marked this occasion by taking part in local school and college workshops to promote the benefits of an apprenticeship and how you can be get involved.

As a business we value every one of our employees, around 30% of our work force has either begun their journey with us as an Apprentice or is currently in the process of completing an Apprenticeship.

All of our Apprenticeships are completed in partnership with Coventry College. It is a structured training program where you can work towards a qualification. While completing the NVQ accreditation you will gain the skills and knowledge you need in your chosen industry. You are also able to earn while you learn, as it stands today the current National Apprenticeship wage is £700 per month.

As a business, Peacock Insurance Services offer Apprenticeships across the whole business, ranging from Administration to Accounts and even Sales. There are also options to gain full Insurance Accredited Qualifications. Train to become an Insurance Underwriter or even a Department Section Head once you have completed your Apprenticeship.

Our passion is to help develop all of our staff. 98% of our Apprentices become full time employees once they have completed their qualifications. Some of our success stories include our very first Apprentice that started with us over 10 years ago, he has developed his career over the years becoming a very valued member of our team and is now completing a CII Diploma in Insurance. This qualification is a technical and supervisory qualification for Insurance staff working across all sectors of the Insurance Industry. Another success story includes an apprentice working their way up into the Management Team. Many have become Deputy Section Heads for different Departments where they learn the skills needed to one day manage their own teams. Some will become Trainers and Mentors for other staff coming into the business whether from normal employment channels or as a new apprentice.

If you are interested in joining our team as an Apprentice or have any questions about current opportunities please send your CV to our Human Resources Department: hr@peacockinsurance.co.uk

You can also visit for more information this external link for the Official HM Government Apprenticeships website.

13 February 2020
Peacock Insurance are pleased to announce that they are the proud finalists of the 2020 FSB Wellbeing Award of the Year

Peacock Insurance are pleased to announce that they are the proud finalists of the 2020 FSB Wellbeing Award of the Year

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Small Business Awards are a leading celebration of small businesses, shining a light on some of the best and most determined small businesses, across all industries.

Peacock Insurance are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as regional finalists in the 2020 FSB Wellbeing Award of the Year.

The Wellbeing Award of the Year recognises businesses that are creating an environment for their employees to succeed by demonstrating their commitment to their health and wellbeing. Judges will be looking for those businesses that promote and encourage wellbeing and positive health amongst their employees through a number of initiatives.

Representatives from Peacock Insurance will be attending the regional finals in March, with the potential to be entered into the grand finals which will be held in London. Peacock Insurance are proud to be recognised in this way for the commitment and investment they have devoted to improve their employee wellbeing over the last 18 months.

This a fantastic event to be a part of, celebrating small businesses in the West Midlands and Peacock Insurance are looking forward to meeting the other finalists in this year’s awards in March.

Peacock Insurance with the best of luck to all involved.