19 June 2015

This Year’s Best Summer Street Food Events

Forget mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate with a countdown of some of the tastiest food and drink festivals from across the UK.


18 May 2015

This Year’s Hottest Food and Beverage Trends

Every year there are always exciting new trends that shape the face of the food and beverage industry. If you want to make sure that your restaurant, café, catering business, market stall or pub is utterly up-to-the-minute, read on for our insider’s guide to what’s hot in 2015.


22 October 2014

How To Keep Your Catering Business Running Smoothly This Festive Season

The silly season is upon us and over the next few months, the demand for caterers is set to skyrocket – from staff Christmas parties to family get-togethers. While partygoers will undoubtedly be letting their hair down and having a great time, catering companies still face a huge amount of responsibility. If you own or manage a catering company, read on for our cherry picked selection of some of the most common issues faced by the industry and how to avoid them.