18 May 2015

This Year’s Hottest Food and Beverage Trends

Every year there are always exciting new trends that shape the face of the food and beverage industry. If you want to make sure that your restaurant, café, catering business, market stall or pub is utterly up-to-the-minute, read on for our insider’s guide to what’s hot in 2015.

Crazy for cereal

Retro is back in fashion and adding cereal to your menu will have hipsters banging down your door. Just look at the latest Brick Lane institution Cereal Killer Café which sees punters crunch away on over 120 different types of cereal, 30 different kinds of milk and 20 different toppings! Just remember to price your bowls honestly as everyone knows exactly how much a packet of Coco Pops costs these days!



While in the past vermouth has been left largely forgotten, 2015 has seen bartenders and mixologists start to rekindle the love with this ancient Grecian tipple. Use it in martinis, negronis and manhattans or experiment with your own creations. The V&T (vermouth and tonic) is the latest craze to sweep London’s trendiest bars. Sweet or dry? You decide!



Dubbed by trend food writer Zeren Wilson, “lobster-mania” is rapidly sweeping the UK. From high end restaurants and catering businesses to casual cafes and bars, lobster is THE hottest ingredient of the year.



From Soho to Covent Garden, bars and eateries have been rolling out the kegs. While it may seem like a bit of an American trend, British punters appear to be loving the novelty, as well as the affordable prices. You can definitely keep things classy, with wine suppliers offering some seriously suave drops including New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Argentine Malbec, Italian Sangiovese and French Pinot Noir.


Middle Eastern cuisine

Looking for an exotic new menu option this year? Middle Eastern cuisine is just the ticket. It’s been popping up in restaurants across the UK, with some even dedicating their entire kitchen to the art of Middle Eastern cooking. Think fragrant lamb sausages with pine nuts, Lebanese spiced chicken, aubergine croquettes, pomegranate infused salads and yogurt dressings. Complement your dishes with specialty wines and you’ll have your clientele enamoured.

Of course, regardless of how on-trend your operations it’s essential to cover your business with a comprehensive insurance policy. Whether you run a café, restaurant, pub or any other enterprise that serves up food and beverages, the right insurance is a must.