23 February 2015

Holiday Accommodation Boosts UK Economy By £4 billion

According to the latest stats tourists renting holiday accommodation pump over £4 billion into the UK economy. These staggering figures come from a recent report commissioned by holiday rentals website HomeAway and put together by financial experts at the London School of Economics. The insightful study is the first of its kind and offered fascinating insight into the economic importance of the national holiday rentals market.


29 October 2014

Top Reasons Why Every B&B Should Take Out Insurance

Cosy and intimate, B&Bs are one of the UK’s favourite holiday accommodation options. Yet for owners, running a B&B presents a number of risks. Read on for a list of some of the most common issues faced by almost every B&B establishment across the nation, from chic inner city terrace homes to quaint country guesthouses.


27 October 2014

The Complete Guide To Making Your Office A Better Place

Owning or managing an office based business can be stressful to say the least. As well as overseeing everyday operations, you also bear the responsibility of ensuring that your workforce is happy, productive and performing at their best. To help make things that little bit easier, we’ve put together a collection of great hints and tips that are guaranteed to make your office a better place.


22 October 2014

How To Keep Your Catering Business Running Smoothly This Festive Season

The silly season is upon us and over the next few months, the demand for caterers is set to skyrocket – from staff Christmas parties to family get-togethers. While partygoers will undoubtedly be letting their hair down and having a great time, catering companies still face a huge amount of responsibility. If you own or manage a catering company, read on for our cherry picked selection of some of the most common issues faced by the industry and how to avoid them.


15 October 2014

From Country Taverns to Inner City Cocktail Bars, Every Pub Needs Insurance!

waiting woman pouring beerDespite differences in service, location and clientele, all pubs need insurance! Whether you run a sleek inner city cocktail bar or a friendly country pub, the risks are virtually the same. To give you an idea of why insurance is so important, we’ve put together a list of the most common issues faced by every pub, regardless of status.


8 October 2014

Winter Is Coming: Make Sure Your Property is Prepared!

Did you know that weather damage is the UK’s single biggest cause of property related insurance claims? From floods and leaks to damaged roofs and gale force winds, it’s critical that you protect your business from the wrath of Mother Nature. With winter on the way, the time has never been more imminent to ensure that you have an adequate property insurance policy in place. To help emphasise the absolute necessity, we’ve put together this insider’s guide looking at some of the most common winter risks and how to avoid them.


2 January 2014

A Sneak Peak At London’s Trendiest Cafes

Coffee House ChalkboardAccording to recent data from Yahoo, there are now over 15,000 coffee shops spread across the UK. Brits love a good brew and there’s no city that loves the energy-inducing liquid more than London! To celebrate the city’s love affair with premium quality cups of Joe, we’ve put together an insider’s guide to some of the best places to get your caffeine fix in the capital.

The Attendant – Fitzrovia

As well as exquisite coffee and a dynamic changing menu, this pit sized establishment also won us over due to the fact that it’s located in an old Victorian toilet! The place can get extremely busy though so if you’re keen for a pre-work coffee fix, get there early!

Alchemy Coffee – Blackfriars


Thought you knew coffee? Think again! Alchemy’s scientific approach to the well-loved beverage will challenge all your preconceptions about how coffee should be done!

2 LOVE Tea and Coffee House – Lambeth


For coffee with a view, this is one of Lambeth’s finest. The Thames side setting overlooks the Houses of Parliament which attracts both tourists and locals alike.

Climpson and Sons – Hackney


With daily queues and a plethora of happy customers, Climpson and Sons is one of Hackney’s not so hidden gems. As well as hand roasted espresso blends, you’ll also find pastries, cakes and other tasty treats.

Algerian Coffee Stores – Soho

Tucked away in trendy Soho, this iconic coffee shop has been giving Londoner’s their caffeine fix since 1877. At just £1 for an espresso shot and an extra 20p for a cappuccino or latte upgrade, this no frills coffee house is always a crowd pleaser.

Monmouth Coffee – Borough Market

For an outstanding brew in the heart of the city, look no further than Monmouth Coffee. The establishment has been going since 1978 and boasts an incredible range of espresso-based or single cone filters. You may have to opt for takeaway though as this place gets packed!

Kaffeine – Fitzrovia

According to the owners, this independent coffee shop was “inspired by the amazing coffee culture in Australia and New Zealand.” While the premises are incredibly small, they serve up some of London’s finest lattes, cappuccinos and the antipodean favourite, flat whites.

Workshop Coffee Co – Clerkenwell, Marylebone and Holborn

They may have branches peppered across the city but this independent coffee shop is still 100% unique. The staff here are lovely and every cup of coffee also comes with a free glass of fizzy water.

While these popular establishments may compete to make themselves stand out from the London crowd, there’s one thing that they all have in common – coffee shop insurance! Every good coffee shop manager knows that this is an essential part of business that protects owners, employees, customers and the business as a whole.

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