12 January 2015

The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Cars

toytoa prius

The eco-friendly trend is sweeping the globe and the motor trade industry is not exempt. As a non-renewable resource petrol is simply not sustainable which has led more and more automobile manufacturers to launch electric and hybrid cars with zero emissions, incredible fuel efficiency and amazing eco-friendly credentials.

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

smart car


This zippy little number was crowned 2014’s ‘greenest’ car by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Its electric equivalent rating is 122/93 mpg and it boasts a glowing Green Score of 59 – and a paint job to match!

Toyota Prius c

toytoa prius

With its sleek lines and stylish interior you’d never guess that the Toyota Prius c was one of 2014’s most environmentally conscious cars. It offers drivers an electric equivalent rating of 51/48 mpg and an impressive Green Score of 57.

Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf

For city drivers wanting to slash fuel costs and avoid congestion charges the Nissan Leaf is a fantastic option. Motoring publications across the globe were wowed by the car’s 126/101 mpg electric equivalent and Green Score of 55. These features won it status as one of the ‘greenest’ rides of the year.

Honda Civic Hybrid

honda civic

With its four door build, spacious interior and generous boot size the Honda Civic Hybrid is a terrific choice for environmentally conscious families. Whether zipping around the city, cruising the suburbs or sailing along country roads its 44/47 mpg electric equivalent and Green Score of 55 ensure that the environment doesn’t suffer.

Lexus CT 200h


When it comes to the eco-friendly luxury vehicles market the Lexus CT 200h takes the cake. The innovative hybrid vehicle delivers exceptional on-road performance backed with impressive fuel efficiency. Its premium sport compact hatchback build offers stylish aesthetics while its 51/48 mpg electric equivalent and Green Score of 55 make it a winning environmental choice.

Mitsubishi Mirage


Compact and affordable, the Mitsubishi Mirage is ideal for first time car buyers, city slickers and small young families alike. It’s not an electric or hybrid vehicle but it is the best eco-friendly petrol run option on the market, with an electric equivalent of 37/44 mpg and a Green Score 54.

Honda Insight

honda insight

Spacious and powerful, this second generation five-door, five passenger hatchback is ideal for large families on the search for multi-purpose wheels. The hybrid electric vehicle slashes on-road costs and is guaranteed to boost the ‘green’ credentials of any family.

Eco-friendly cars are the vehicles of the future yet due to their environmental efficiency their engine builds do differ quite significantly from their petrol dependant counterparts. If you own a motor trade business that services these unique vehicles it’s important to cover your backs with a tailor made insurance policy that includes eco-friendly wheels.