2 March 2015

Top Tips To Get Landlords Through 2015

Rent, property taxes, insuranceRenting out a property can be a lucrative source of income however it doesn’t come without its qualms. From property damage and tenant injuries to expired leases and run-ins with the tax man, staying on top of your affairs means the difference between a smooth ride and a derailed disaster. If you’re a landlord, read on for a curated list of top tips that will help you make it through 2015 with ease.


5 January 2015

How To Rent Your Home In A Matter Of Days!

House for rentIf you’re a buy-to-let landlord with monthly mortgage repayments, getting your property inhabited as quickly as possible is of the upmost importance. To help you keep the rent rolling in, we’ve put together a list to insider tips on how to get homes leased as quickly as possible.


10 December 2014

Students not as suss as the media make out

student tenantsStudents get a bad rep as tenants however according to the latest statistics, they’re actually one of the lowest claiming insurance groups in the UK. The new findings were released in a report commissioned by student specific utilities and service providers, Glide and Accommodation for Students. Contrary to popular belief the report found that students are in fact some of the most desirable tenants for buy-to-let landlords across the nation!


8 September 2014

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Landlords Insurance

Piggy bank back.

Being a landlord can be an expensive business. While you do have rent coming in, there are a number of other aspects to consider which seem to constantly eat up your cash. As such, it pays to try and cut costs wherever possible. One of the easiest and most profitable ways to do this is by taking a closer look at your landlords insurance. There are a number of tweaks and adjustments you can make to save money, the most popular of which we’ve listed below.