18 September 2015
Do I Need PI Insurance?

Do I Need PI Insurance?

When founding your own start-up, you’ll have a thousand things to think about, from cementing a business plan to building your first website. But one of the most important things to carefully research at this time is PI insurance – or professional indemnity insurance, as it’s known. This type of insurance can protect professionals from crippling compensation claims, and can even be the difference between success and failure in the formative years of any start-up.


6 April 2015

Small Business The Key To Get Britain Booming

According to industry analysts small businesses are the key to boosting Britain’s productivity. Getting business booming is one of the next major challenges for Britain’s policymakers and rather than focus on large, multi-national corporations the government has redirected focus to the smaller fish in the pond.


8 October 2014

Winter Is Coming: Make Sure Your Property is Prepared!

Did you know that weather damage is the UK’s single biggest cause of property related insurance claims? From floods and leaks to damaged roofs and gale force winds, it’s critical that you protect your business from the wrath of Mother Nature. With winter on the way, the time has never been more imminent to ensure that you have an adequate property insurance policy in place. To help emphasise the absolute necessity, we’ve put together this insider’s guide looking at some of the most common winter risks and how to avoid them.


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