25 September 2015
Could a New App Cut Your Car Insurance Premium?

Could a New App Cut Your Car Insurance Premium?

Across the UK Brits rely on motor vehicles to get them from A to B. However unfortunately for motorist bank accounts, petrol and car maintenance aren’t the only costs associated with owning a vehicle. Car insurance is an absolute must though it definitely doesn’t come cheap. What’s more, responsible drivers are often forced to pay the same premiums as their reckless counterparts… until now.

Thanks to the launch of a brand new smartphone app that actively monitors driving behaviour, motorists could now enjoy the opportunity to lower their premiums if they receive a high enough score.

Technology takes to the roads

Developed by Octo Telematics, Octo U uses GPS technology to build a driver risk profile based on a handful of factors. Acceleration, braking and cornering are all taken into account to generate a score which can be used to convince insurers a driver is eligible for a low risk policy. Not measuring up? No worries! The app continuously updates profiles and when a high enough score is achieved drivers can seek out a personalised discounted motor insurance quote.

Safer roads for all

For the UK as a whole the app is a fantastic opportunity to transform the reckless driving behaviours that are responsible for so many accidents, injuries and fatalities. Road safety charity Brake is an avid supporter of the app and maintains that technology such as Octo U is the key to making British roads as safe as possible.

Dr Tom Fisher of Brake explains, “Changing driver behaviour is crucial in reducing collisions and helping all road users to make safer choices at the wheel; in-vehicle technology is an invaluable tool in informing and improving driver behaviour.”

Fabio Sbianchi, CEO of Octo Telematics also stresses that the app is a great opportunity for insurers to cash in on data regarding their policy holders. “By downloading the app, motorists are buying into the concept of telematics at an entry-level. This doesn’t replace black box technology, but opens the door for insurers to introduce a wider range of policies and services based on a clearer picture of the type of driver they are,” he says.

Want in on the action? Octo U is available to download for free from the Apple App Store for iPhone and the Google Play and Amazon Kindle stores for Android devices.