20 March 2015

Six Steps To Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes

SavingAs fuel prices plummet motorists have received welcome respite when it comes to filling up the tank. Yet according to industry analysts this has also translated into more time spent on the roads – which equals more accidents and higher insurance premiums. As such, motorists are now looking to save on car insurance wherever possible. To help you out we’ve put together some of our top tips that are sure to push down your premiums.


Check out quote compare websites

Quotes can vary quite significantly between providers. That’s why it’s always a good idea to use quote compare websites to source the best deals. The intelligent algorithms will scour the web for the best deals on the market. The site will do all the hard work and all you have to do is analyse the results and choose your cheapest car insurance quote.

Choose the right job title

Amazingly, your job title can influence the price you pay for car insurance. According to a recent survey ‘chefs’ pay £98 less than ‘kitchen staff.’ If you have the time it always pays to mix up your job title and see if there’s any difference.

Add an experienced driver

Sometimes adding a more experienced driver to your policy can bring down the price. If there will be a more practiced motorist behind the wheel on a regular basis don’t forget to mention them in your quote request!

Pay in bulk

While it can be tempting to opt for quarterly payments forking out upfront can often save you quite a bit of cash. In the short term it may sting your bank account but in the long run you could enjoy great savings off your annual premium.

Cut down on extras

Some policies will add on extras that you may not necessarily need. Make sure you review your deal carefully and determine whether or not you’re paying for any unwanted extras. These could be anything from windscreen repairs and break in cover to courtesy cars and personal accident.

Don’t settle for auto renewal

Even if you’re 100% happy with your current policy it always pays to do a little research and figure out whether or not you’re getting the best deal. New offers can come up, prices can drop and other factors can influence whether or not your policy still offers you good value for money.

Why pay more on car insurance when you can use these easy tips to save you cash? Get comparing quotes now to claim your cheaper car insurance.