29 May 2015

Simple Fleet Management Tips

Corporate fleets can be expensive and complex to manage. This means it’s important for businesses to minimise costs and reduce expenses wherever possible. Want to know more? We’ve put together a list of useful tips to help you cut costs and maximise the efficiency of your fleet.

Get organised

The key to slashing fleet management costs is to stay on top of your data and remain organised. From repairs and services to driver’s license checks, ensuring all data and documents are filed and easily accessible will prevent confusion and unnecessary duplication. If possible try to store all data in a centralised system so that others can easily access it if necessary.


Stay compliant

Ensuring all registrations, insurance policies, licenses and MOT checks are up to date is an essential part of responsible fleet management. As well as guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your fleet compliance will also safeguard you against any fines or penalties. As mentioned above, all documents should be securely stored at all times.


Know what you’re spending

No matter how small or large the expense, all outgoing cash should be recorded on a spreadsheet. This will help you develop an in-depth understanding of exactly how much it costs to run your fleet. You can then use data to look at ways to cut costs or reallocate finances as required.


Go green

Carbon emissions and global warming are worldwide problems, with vehicles pegged as one of the key causes of concern. As well as boosting the eco-friendly credentials of your business choosing fuel efficient vehicles, monitoring CO2 emissions and calculating the fastest routes will save significantly reduce your fuel spend. You should also ensure that you have the right vehicle for the job at hand. For example, sending a 4×4 on a trip that could be done by a hatchback is incredibly inefficient, both financially and environmentally.


Take out fleet insurance 

All fleet vehicles should be covered by insurance however this doesn’t mean you need to take out an individual policy for each set of wheels. Streamline your expenses and administration by taking out a fleet insurance policy that covers multiple vehicles under one premium.


With just a few small changes you can soon start to enjoy big savings on your fleet management budget.