11 April 2019
Securing the house ready for your holidays

Securing the house ready for your holidays

Everybody loves a getaway in the sun. No work, pure family time, and totally stress-free. Or rather, so it should be. You don’t want to have to worry about a thing, so taking precautions before you jet off can alleviate worry and may prevent you from returning to a catastrophe.

Check windows and doors

Seems rather simple, right? This is the easiest and simplest approach that often gets overlooked by thousands of householders. They may leave a window unlocked, or worse, top openers slightly open. Not to mention leaving sheds and garages unlocked for all to wander in. It doesn’t matter even if there’s nothing of value in them, it’s best to keep them locked up! If burglars have gained entry to an outhouse, just think how easy it would be for them to come back and hatch a plan to get inside your house where all the real valuables are.

Turn off your boiler

If you know that the weather is not set to be frosty for the duration of your holiday, then turning off your heating will help you to save some pennies whilst you’re soaking up the sun. You could always set it on a timer to come on a few hours before you’re due to arrive home so you walk into a warm home!

Turn off electricals

Turning off electricals at the source by switching the socket off or simply unplugging devices and electricals will not only save you money on your utilities whilst you are away, but it will also reduce the risk of anything catching fire. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, that would be the last thing you’d want to come home to.

Ask family, friends or a neighbour to check on the house regularly whilst you are away

If you are away for a number of weeks, your post will pile up, and the biggest giveaway of somebody being away is uncollected post. Have somebody collect your post for you, or get Royal Mail to hold onto it through their Keepsafe scheme.

Don’t post on social media

As much as you may want to post your ventures on social media to show everyone what an incredible time you’re having, just be aware of who can see what you’re posting, and the signs it may give i.e. if your house is now empty, how long are you away for, and even based on your profile, what kind of valuables you have in your home.  Don’t post new items on social media either. Got a new TV? Great. But don’t post a new picture of it on social media, then tag yourself at the airport on Facebook.

Padlock sheds and garages

Some people neglect to lock up their sheds and garages for thinking that there is nothing of value stored in there. Burglars will see that if outhouses aren’t secure, then, the house probably isn’t either. Strong padlocks and visible locks will help to deter any burglar away from the household.

Use timers

Using electric timers to have your lights come on at specific times of the day can really create the illusion as though you really are home. Nothing is more tell-tale of an empty abode than a house sat in darkness.

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