30 March 2015

Revealed! The Top Five Cheapest Cars For Teen Insurance

Young man with carInsuring teenage drivers can be expensive to say the least. In fact, according to the latest statistics the cost of getting young drivers behind the wheel has increased by 18% in the past year. Whether mum and dad are covering the cost of a premium or the young driver is forking out for cover, most people will do anything they can to save cash on car insurance.

While there are a number of different strategies drivers can adopt, one of the most effective ways is to choose a set of wheels that insurance companies are guaranteed to love! So what models will secure you the most savings? Read on for our list of the top five cheapest cars for teen insurance:

Peugeot 107 – £900 

Thanks to its pint sized engine the Peugeot 107 is the number one cheapest option for teen drivers to insure. It’s also a budget friendly buy, with basic three door models starting at £6,000. It may not be the most powerful of cars but teens can still cruise around blasting the latest chart topping hits to their heart’s content.

Fiat 500 – £912 

For just £12 more teens can insure a cute and compact Fiat 500. Perfect for the city, the suburbs and the countryside, the TwinAir engine gives it plenty of oomph without any of the flashy acceleration power that leads to higher premiums. Teens also swoon over the classy interior, sleek body and of course, low running costs.

Citroen C1 – £928 

For teens wanting to save cash and save the environment, the low CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency of the Citroen C1 are definite draw cards. The car is compact enough for city life yet still offers plenty of space for driving around the crew.

Kia Picanto – £955

Stylish yet fuss free, the Kia Picanto costs just £955 to insure for the average teen driver. This is largely due to the fact that it’s powered by a small scale 1.0-litre engine. That said, the great sound system, high tech dashboard and sleek interior make for plenty of on-road fun!

Toyota Aygo – £970


Bold, zippy and surprisingly speedy, this car boasts a three-cylinder engine that offers great handling, low emissions and fantastic fuel efficiency. Not to mention a super small turning circle that makes it great for city manoeuvring. Teens with cash to splash will also love the chance to customise their wheels with AYGO x-play.

Of course, choosing the right car is important however teen drivers that really want to save cash should hit up a quote compare website for a complete run down of all available deals.