1 December 2014

Reduce the risk of property damage with comprehensive motor trade insurance

When people drop off their vehicles at motor trade businesses they expect them to be returned in even better condition. However a motor trade garage can be a dangerous place for a car! Why? Simply because the nature of the business means that there are all manner of accidents just waiting to happen. Even the most adept and experienced motor trade business is not safe from the risk of damage to client cars. To give you an idea of just how risky a professional garage can be, we’ve listed some of the most commonly occurring motor trade mishaps that could happen to any motor trade business, at any time.


Even the smallest scratch can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetics of a vehicle, especially if it’s the only one present. This issue is a common occurrence in motor trade garages and while scratches are usually relatively cheap and easy to fix, repairing multiple flaws over the business year can soon add up. Returning a client car with a new scratch is also a major no-go and could severely damage the reputation of your business and the chance of return custom.


From oil drips in the interior to corrosive chemicals on the paint job, spills are another of the most commonly occurring incidents in motor trade businesses. Small incidents can mean replacing an entire facet while large scale spills can cause a huge amount of damage and leave your business bank account severely worse for wear.


Motor trade garages deal with a multitude of tools and equipment which are designed to improve and enhance serviced vehicles. However when these items make contact with the wrong piece of the car the results can be disastrous! Dents can be difficult to fix and require an outlay of both time and money to get the car back to its original condition. Sometimes a replacement body part is the only option which can be extremely expensive.

If you want to avoid forking out cash to fix or repair any of the above incidents a good motor trade insurance policy is absolutely essential. They are a quick, easy and cost effective way of solving any in-house automotive accidents and will ensure that your customers and their vehicles receive a tip-top service, no matter what happens behind closed doors!