14 September 2015
Only 15% of Pet Owners Have Insurance

Only 15% of Pet Owners Have Insurance

The Pet Food Manufacturers Association’s renowned ‘Pet Population’ report has found that in 2014, around 13 million, or 46% of UK households had a pet – whether it’s a fish, a lizard or a conventional cat or dog. The current pet population of the UK stands at around 65million – with dogs and cats making up 16.9million of the grand total.

But worryingly, just 25% of dogs and 15% of cats have pet insurance policies to protect them. These crucial policies cover vet’s fees and bills if your furry friend ever gets sick, but millions of animal-loving households are without these policies.

15% of those that own dogs and cats have pet insurance – a crucial policy that will cover vet’s fees and bills if your furry friend ever gets sick.

Veterinary care for cats and dogs can be hugely expensive – and with one in three cats and dogs requiring treatment from a vet every year, the bills can soon mount up. Not everybody can afford to pay for these bills up front – and without the relevant insurance, pet owners are faced with the awful prospect of leaving their cat or dog to suffer until they can find the funds for the treatment in question.

Statistics from the Association of British Insurers found that the average claim for pet insurance in 2014 was £679 – a 7% increase on 2013. With the costs expected to rise even further in the 2015 figures, many households across the UK would find themselves unable to stump up this figure after a sudden accident or injury to their beloved pet.

But pet insurance doesn’t just cover those one-off accidents that cats and dogs can get into. Pet insurance also protects ageing animals. Just like humans, many animals develop certain long-term conditions as they age, and pet insurance can cover the expense of treatment, therapies and expensive medications to help make the animal’s life as healthy and comfortable as possible in their final years.

Many insurers also offer bonus policies for those who take out pet insurance, including tracking services for missing pets, holiday cancellation compensation and public liability cover, which protects dog or cat owners if their furry friend causes an accident.

Put simply, pet insurance policies help protect pets and their owners against all kinds of illness, accidents and injuries. Without it, many UK households would find it difficult to cover the rising cost of treating their dog or cat for even the smallest of problems.