26 August 2014

Keep Things Running Smoothly With Events Insurance

Music Festival Event

Exciting, energetic and ever changing, the events industry is a fantastic place to work. Yet while the industry itself may revolve around letting the good times roll, it is critical for business managers to take out an adequate events insurance policy should anything go wrong. To illustrate the importance of being covered, we’ve put together this collection of common issues faced by event organisers on a daily basis.

Music festivals

From pop and rock to country and blues, festivals are held across all musical genres. They are a great way to bring together fans for days, if not weeks of musical celebrations. However with such a large agglomeration of people in one place, crowd related injuries are a common risk. Music festivals also require a huge amount of expensive sound and lighting equipment. In the case of bad weather or a malfunctioning electrical supply, these sophisticated syst

ems could be fall victim to costly damage.

Sports events

Brits love their sports however when things go wrong, the consequences can be dire for the event organiser in question. Over the years there have been a number of public liability cases filed by fans that have been injured on site. As well as public liability, cases of extreme weather can also result in loss of income due to cancellations.


Catering businesses face an array of insurance related issues, from damaged goods and cancelled events to public liability claims and cases of staff injury.


Regardless of the cause, fundraising events are a popular way for charities across the nation to raise much needed funds. While organising the events usually require an initial outlay of cash, this is usually covered and exceeded by on-the-day profits. However if the event is cancelled, charities stand to lose a significant amount of money. Taking out an events insurance policy is the most effective way for charities to protect themselves against losing costs incurred from cancelled fundraising events.

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