1 September 2014

Keep the Taps Flowing With Comprehensive Pub Insurance

Glass of light beer on a dark pub.

From wine bars and bistros to village pubs and roadside taverns, every public house should have adequate insurance. To give you an idea of just how important it is to be covered, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common scenarios faced by pub owners across the nation.

Fire damage

Fire not only poses a risk to the building itself but can also result in serious injuries and even

death. Whether it’s a small fire or a blaze that guts the premises, repairs can be extremely expensive.

Public liability

Pub landlords have a responsibility to ensure that their patrons can socialise in a safe environment. Yet even the most stringent of health and safety guidelines can still result in accidental injuries. If one of your customers chooses to file a compensation case, you’ll need to be covered for legal expenses, pay-outs and settlements.

Loss of license

Pubs rely heavily on alcohol service as a form of income. When this is jeopardised, it could render a business unprofitable. As such, it pays to be covered against loss of licence in a worst case scenario.


From graffiti and sign damage to broken windows and furniture, intentional vandalism can be very expensive to fix.

Employee liability

As well as accepting responsibility for patrons, pub landlords are also accountable for any employee accidents or injuries that occur on the premises. Once again, if employees choose to file a legal compensation case you’ll need to be covered by an adequate insurance policy.


Whether it’s internal employee embezzlement or an external case of robbery, pubs handle large amounts of cash which makes them a popular target for thieves. Alcohol and equipment are also at risk of being stolen.

Equipment breakdown

From beer taps and coffee machines to fridges and freezer rooms, malfunctioning equipment can be a costly issue for any pub landlord. If essential equipment is out of action for several days or even weeks, it could seriously jeopardise profits.

With 49,433 pubs spread across the UK, these are issues that are faced by pub landlords on a daily basis. If you’re looking for an affordable policy that covers all of the above issues, Peacock is the nation’s go-to site for online quotes from all of Britain’s leading pub insurance providers.