16 February 2015

Introducing the world’s fiercest F1 drivers

female driver driving a carFormula One shines the spotlight on male drivers however there are also some electrifying females who have made race track history! If you want to know more, read on for a list of the six fabulous female drivers who have participated in Grand Prix events over the past 57 years!

Maria Teresa de Filippis

Born in 1926, Maria Teresa de Filippis was the first woman to grace the tracks of a Formula One race. The fiery Italian took part in five World Championship Grands Prix held between 1958 and 1959 yet didn’t manage to score any championship points. She took to the wheel for Maserati and Behra-Porsche, positions that saw her go down in history as one of F1’s most inspiring females.

Lella Lombardi

Christened Maria Grazia Lombardi, ‘Lella’ was this forceful Italian’s on-track nickname. Hailing from Frugarolo, Piedmont, Lella grew up with a passion for fast cars. She made her grand debut on July 20 1974 in a Cosworth V8. Throughout her three year F1 career she participated in 17 Formula One World Championship Grand Prix events and is the only female F1 driver to place in the top six at a World Championship race, a feat which was accomplished at the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix.

Divina Galica

Hitting F1 race tracks from 1976 to 1978, Divina Galica is one of Britain’s most celebrated sportswomen. She raced in three Formula One World Championship Grand Prix events and also took part in Formula Renault and Formula Vauxhall Lotus leagues. As well as racing Galica was also an accomplished skier, competing in four Winter Olympics as well as captaining the women’s ski team in 1968 and 1972. What a woman!

Desiré Wilson

Originating from South Africa, Desiré Wilson was brimming with unbreakable spirit. She made her first Formula One World Championship Grand Prix appearance in 1980 sitting behind the wheel of a Williams FW07 developed by RAM Racing.

Giovanna Amati

After over a decade of male dominated F1 Giovanna Amati was a much needed breath of fresh air. When she signed up with Brabham in 1992 she made history as the world’s fifth Formula One driver.

Susie Wolff

In 2015 this gutsy Scotswoman is the set to ignite F1 race tracks across the globe. Starting off her career in karting, Wolff has quickly moved up the racing ranks and is now signed as a test driver with the Williams Formula One team. At 2014’s Silverstone British Grand Prix she was the first woman to hit F1 tracks in over 22 years, a feat that makes her a true idol for contemporary femme fatales.

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