6 March 2015

How To Throw A Successful Live Music Night

Are you a pub landlord looking to expand your horizons in 2015? If so, why not consider introducing live music night to your venue? Lively, social and guaranteed to push drink sales, live music nights are a great way to boost the popularity of your pub as well as increase your bottom line. Sound tempting? Read on for our top tips on how to throw a successful live music night.

Comply with the Live Music Act 2012 guidelines

Did you know that there are official government guidelines dictating how live music nights should be run? It’s called Live Music Act 2012 and outlines whether or not you’ll need to apply for a special licence to stage a live music performance.

Invest in an oversized chalk board

You’re going to want to advertise your musical act however printing posters every time you host a gig can soon get quite pricey. Instead invest in an oversized chalkboard where you can easily promote your different artists every week. Get creative and use colourful chalk to really make your blackboard pop!

Take out pub insurance

With an increased number of punters comes an increased need to protect your establishment with a comprehensive pub insurance policy. This will cover everything from musical equipment damage and vandalism to customer injuries and illnesses.


There’s no point in throwing a live music night if nobody turns up to appreciate the tunes. Make sure you advertise the event using all available channels. Social media is a free and effective way to spread the word and let people know who’ll be playing. Don’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Sign up now! You should also make sure you’ve got the artists on-board and encourage them to use their own personal accounts to drum up interest. Pinning up posters around the city or town and handing out flyers are other effective advertising techniques.

Know your audience

Choosing an act that’s going to appeal to your punters is a critical aspect of live music night success. Think about your clientele and make an informed decision as to what you think they’ll enjoy. Jazz, rock, blues, pop, rock ‘n’ roll? The choice is yours!

Create an atmosphere

A little atmosphere can go a long way. Even simple touches such as candles, fairy lights or disco balls can mean the difference between a hit show or a total flop.

Conduct a sound check

Before you act hits the stage make sure you’ve carried out a sound check. The last thing you want is for the music to be far too soft or deafeningly loud.