13 March 2015

How To Throw A Safe and Successful Event

Event organising is an incredibly exciting industry to be in. No two days are ever the same and your efforts are rewarded by pulling off some pretty spectacular feats. From weddings and birthdays to corporate parties and festivals, a day at the office is never dull! However all your responsibility goes hand in hand with a need to ensure that every event goes off without any incidents. If you’re in the business of event organising read on for some need to know tips that will make sure every project is safe and successful.

Have an evacuation procedure in place?

Would you know what to do in the case of an emergency? When planning an event make sure you analyse the venue and plan a clear-cut escape route that can be used in the case of an emergency. If you’re not going to be attending the event or if you’re expecting a large crowd make sure you appoint other people to help implement your procedures.

Have health and safety arrangements in place

Health and safety is an integral part of modern society and one time events are not exempt. This includes pre-assessing risks and taking steps to eliminate any dangers.

Have a plan

As an event organiser you should have a clear cut plan that dictates every phase of the project. This will minimise stress on the day and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Coordinate all involved parties

When there are various different parties involved coordination is the key to success. Make sure everyone has access to anyone they may need to get in touch with in the lead up to the event. This includes caterers, kitchen staff, DJs, electrical equipment specialists, marquee hire businesses and more. Writing up a contact list and distributing it to everyone involved is a great way to master the art of coordination.

Employ staff and contractors that you trust

A reliable and trustworthy staff base can make or break an event. If you have in-house staff make sure you carry out background checks, ask for references and create healthy working relationships. When outsourcing work to third parties try to build up a portfolio of service providers that you know and trust.

Take out event insurance

Whatever the project, taking out event insurance is absolutely critical. The sheer fact that there will be multiple people in attendance means that the risk of accidents or injuries is seriously heightened. Event insurance will cover the cost of any incidents and give you the complete peace of mind that you, your business and your attendees are 100% covered.

Using these tips you should be able to make sure your next event is a runaway success!