8 June 2015

How to Make the Most of Summer Sales Season

Summer is on its way and across the UK, shop owners will be looking at ways to maximise sales. The longer days, warmer weather and higher spirits are a fantastic opportunity to attract customers, maximise conversions and ultimately, boost bottom lines. Want the inside scoop on how to make the most of the summer sales season? Check out our list of hard hitting tips that will have profits soaring.

Get online

With the warmer weather comes a tendency for shoppers to shy away from the high street and spend more time outdoors. Make sure you’re not forgotten by getting online and keeping up as much consumer engagement as possible. This includes regularly updating social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as setting up an e-commerce store or company website. Using platforms such as Weebly you can do this in just days! You’ll then be able to stay connected with your customers, no matter how they choose to spend their summer.

Get seasonal

Summer is here and customers want to hear about it! To really amp up your seasonal sales strategy focus on ways that you can use the warmer weather as part of your marketing tactics. For example, If you run a pub or bar roll out a summer cocktail list. Restaurants can take incorporate seasonal produce into menus while retail stores can run special offers on products that are likely to sell during the warmer months.

Watch the weather man 

Did you know that you can use the weather to maximise the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns? Services such as WeatherFit allow businesses to incorporate climate conditions into their Google AdWords accounts. For example, if the sun is shining you may choose to push ‘sunglasses’ as a keyword.  Costa Coffee knows the value of the weather man when it comes to advertising, recently rolling out a campaign that triggered London Underground ads for Ice Cold Costa when temperatures exceeded 22 degrees!

Hire temporary staff

When summer sales start to pick up businesses can often find themselves unable to cope with the extra custom. In order to meet demand and make the most of every potential sale it can be a good idea to take on an extra staff member over the summer. This will also give your permanent staff the opportunity to take holidays.

It’s all very well to have sales maximising strategies in place however at the end of the day, owners should never risk profits by operating without the right insurance. Whether running a restaurant, café, clothing boutique or motor trade garage, all owners should protect their investments with business insurance.