4 May 2015

Glaswegian Taxis Go Up In Flames

A Glaswegian taxi driver has been left devastated after a vandal set fire to three of his vehicles, while he was on vacation. Talk about post-holiday blues! The incident occurred in Shotts at around 1am and involved two taxis, as well as a black Volkswagen Golf.

Arson attacks in a quiet neighbourhood

Despite the fact that the man has parked all three vehicles in a quiet residential street, it wasn’t enough to safeguard them from a blaze that gutted the trio past repair. Firefighters were quick to arrive at the scene however not quick enough to save the cars.


Cops confirm the act was deliberate

At this stage police have confirmed that the fire was started deliberately and are urging members of the public to come forward with any information they may have. Detective Constable Christopher Norton is calling on any witnesses to come forward, admitting that “inquiries are at an early stage, and we are still trying to trace the owner of the taxis, who we believe is currently out of the country.”


Random act of arson or calculated business move?

As well as blaming vandals who simply wreak havoc for the sake of it, detectives are also looking into whether or not the blaze may have been started by a rival company. This isn’t the first incident that has seen taxis fall victim to arson attack, with three more cars destroyed in nearby Dyfrig Street last year.

“This was a deliberate act and will clearly affect his ability to work and it is essential that we trace whoever is responsible as soon as possible,” he adds.


Don’t leave your taxi business unprotected

As the arson attacks seem to occur in the middle of the night on unlit, non-CCTC covered streets it is proving difficult to track down the culprits. This means that taxi drivers, and vehicle owners in general should be extra vigilant about where they park their cars, particularly if they’re planning on leaving them unattended for a long period of time. And while at the end of the day taxi drivers can’t stop vandals from damaging vehicles, they can protect themselves by taking out comprehensive taxi insurance policies. For drivers worried about the cost of cover, weighing up deals on a quote compare website is a savvy option.