19 September 2014

Don’t Let Disaster Get Your Motor Trade Business Down…

motor trade used carsLike any business, motor traders are not exempt from the risks associated with everyday operations. In fact, due to the nature of the job and the cost of vehicles and equipment, motor trade incidents can be far more expensive than the average workplace mishap. Thankfully, these can be quickly rectified simply by taking out a suitable motor trade insurance policy. To give you an idea of just how important it is, we’ve put together this list of common motor trade disasters and why its pays to be covered in a worst case scenario.


Fire damage has the potential to cripple any business. Whether it’s a small contained blaze or an inferno that completely guts the premises, the consequences can be devastating for the company bank account. When customer vehicles are damaged due to fire, the business is legally obliged to repair or replace them which can be incredibly expensive, especially if a car is written off. At the end of the day, a motor trade insurance policy which covers fire damage could mean the difference between recovery or ruin.

Stock theft

Most businesses are at risk of stock theft however when stolen goods take the form of cars and expensive mechanical equipment, replacement costs can be shockingly high. While some break-ins are opportunistic, motor trade businesses are more at risk of carefully planned robberies due to the high value of in-house stock. As well as giving business owners round the clock peace of mind, a comprehensive motor trade insurance policy makes sure businesses can bounce back from stock theft as quickly as possible.


Whether it’s something as small as graffiti and broken windows or as serious as maliciously damaged vehicles, repairing vandalism can be an expensive business. And when faced with recurring incidents, repairs can soon make a large dent in a business’s bottom line. Rather than panic at the sight of vandalism, an insurance policy gives motor traders the reassurance that no matter how extensive the damage, repairs will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Accidental damage

No matter how careful you and your employees are, workplace accidents can still occur. Unintentional damage to vehicles can represent thousands of pounds worth of damage which business managers are liable to fix. Failure to do so as quickly as possible can result in legal disputes as well as loss of reputation.

Public liability

While motor traders primarily deal with cars, there is also a constant flow of customers dropping off and picking up serviced vehicles. Something as simple as an oil spill or misplaced tool could quickly result in an accidental trip or fall, culminating in a lengthy and expensive court case. When faced with legal expenses, pay outs and settlement fees, it pays to be covered with a comprehensive insurance policy.

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