11 May 2015

Could Car Insurance For Ride on Mowers Be On The Horizon?

The UK was outraged last month as the EU claims ride on mower owners will need to take out car insurance to the tune of £100. As well as gardeners, electric wheel chair owners and golf caddy drivers could also be subject to the new fees, warn legal and insurance experts based in the UK. Is it true? Read on as we reveal all!

While the 43 year old European directive has been in place for almost a decade, it was never applied to ‘vehicles’ such as ride on mowers, wheelchairs and golf caddies. However in light of a recent court case dispute over its interpretation have resurfaced and caused the EU to consider introducing a new £100 insurance law.

Slovenian farmer sparks EU wide debate

So why is the law potentially changing? The directive was rustled up thanks to Slovenian farm worker Damijan Vnuk who fell from a ladder after it was hit by a moving tractor. After the incident, the EU was inclined to insist that all moving vehicles be covered by insurance, regardless of their use.

The Department for Transport is currently engaged in discussions with the Association of British Insurers to determine whether or not it will apply to ‘niche’ vehicles, and if so, how much owners will need to fork out.

Currently, UK law does not require vehicles such as mowers and wheelchairs to be covered by insurance, so long as they aren’t driven in public places or on roads. However EU judges claim that the 1972 directive does require such vehicles to be covered by third-party insurance, at the very minimum. Already, insurers are being inundated with queries from concerned Brits wondering whether or not they’ll need to find an extra £100 a year.

What costs to expect

As for what sorts of fees are on the horizon… The general estimate is £100 however experts have been throwing around more specific figures regarding certain vehicles. For example, Cecilia Frodsham of Stephensons Solicitors predicts that mobility scooters will be subject to “third party liability cover” insurance of £87 a year. For small lawnmowers, owners will be looking at around £100, even if they are never driven on public land. Golf buggies will incur an estimated insurance cost of £23 a year and would be compulsory for all owners.


Thankfully, if the new EU laws are passed niche vehicle owners can hit up quote compare sites such as Peacock Insurance for the best deals on the market. It won’t eliminate the cost but it will ease the sting!