4 September 2015
Landlords Prepare for Influx of Students

Landlords Prepare for Influx of Students

A-level results were announced just a few weeks ago, and by now thousands of students all over the country will have confirmed where they’re going to university come September.

For landlords in student-dominated towns all over the country, that means the traditional yearly changeover, with a new intake of student tenants that have been let loose from mum and dad and are living alone for the first time. How can landlords make sure their properties are prepare for the influx of students, and what steps can they take to ensure a successful tenancy all-round?


8 May 2015

Empty Properties Set To Start Filling Up

Despite the fact that London is one of the busiest cities on the planet, the statistics on empty homes are startling. Across the city there are over 80,000 vacant properties, with 25,000 of these falling into the ‘long term’ category. This makes London the nation’s empty home hotspot! In England as a whole, there are over 610,000 empty homes. Thankfully, two London entrepreneurs are on a mission to solve the nation’s empty property crisis and help create homes, and profits.


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