4 September 2015
Landlords Prepare for Influx of Students

Landlords Prepare for Influx of Students

A-level results were announced just a few weeks ago, and by now thousands of students all over the country will have confirmed where they’re going to university come September.

For landlords in student-dominated towns all over the country, that means the traditional yearly changeover, with a new intake of student tenants that have been let loose from mum and dad and are living alone for the first time. How can landlords make sure their properties are prepare for the influx of students, and what steps can they take to ensure a successful tenancy all-round?


31 August 2015
Landlords to Help Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

Landlords to Help Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

New measures to crack down on illegal immigration in the UK could mean that landlords will be expected to evict tenants that fail asylum applications or lose the right to live in the UK.

Landlords will be given the right to end tenancies without having to worry about obtaining a court order, but only when a tenant has lost the right to live in the UK. Landlords also face having to check a migrant’s status before they agree to a lease – those who don’t, or those who knowingly let properties to illegal immigrants, could face up to five years in prison.


10 August 2015

Landlord Licenses Cause Chaos Around the Country

As the UK government tries to tackle problems within the private housing sector, many councils are considering putting landlord licensing into place, or have already done so. Powers have been devolved to local authorities, which means as it stands there are different rules for landlords depending on where in the UK they let properties – causing chaos for private landlords across the country.


22 June 2015

To DIY or not to DIY? A Guide for Landlords

There are certain things a landlord can fix and others they absolutely shouldn’t attempt. If you own a property, it’s important to understand the difference. To help you out, we’ve put together this landlord’s DIY guide covering what can and can’t be fixed.


1 May 2015

Property Investment Terminology, Explained

The private property rental market is booming, yet according to the latest research, landlords remain alarmingly ignorant when it comes to industry terminology. Studies revealed that just 24% of landlords know what ‘return on investment’ means, 26% know what ‘gross yield’ is and just 12% could identify what ‘gross profit’ means. To clear up the confusion, we’ve put together an explanation of some common property investment terminology that every landlord should know.


27 April 2015

Landlords and the General Election

The general election is looming and landlords across the nation will be wondering who to vote for. With the British property market booming parties are placing a heavy focus on how to win over homeowners. Yet with all the promises and pledges being thrown around, it can be tricky to decide which way to swing. Need help? We’ve got the lowdown on who’s offering what!


27 March 2015

Buy To Let Landlords Enjoy Lucrative Year

British buy to let landlords have had one of the most lucrative years to date, with recent equity gains allowing them to negotiate better mortgage deals.  In fact, according to the latest statistics from the Mortgage Advice Bureau’s Mortgage Search Tracker buy-to-let deposits have increased by 15% over the past 12 months. This bought the national average up to £100,000. The results are better deals for buy-to-let landlords, increased income and the opportunity to expand portfolios.


2 March 2015

Top Tips To Get Landlords Through 2015

Rent, property taxes, insuranceRenting out a property can be a lucrative source of income however it doesn’t come without its qualms. From property damage and tenant injuries to expired leases and run-ins with the tax man, staying on top of your affairs means the difference between a smooth ride and a derailed disaster. If you’re a landlord, read on for a curated list of top tips that will help you make it through 2015 with ease.


20 February 2015

The Landlords Guide To Renting Furnished Properties

furnished propertyRenting furnished property can be incredibly convenient for both tenants and landlords. Although due to the fact that your own private possessions are involved, it can make things a little more complicated. To help streamline the process we’ve put together a list of handy tips that every landlord renting out a furnished property should consider.


13 February 2015

Property damage tops tenant dispute claims

property damageOver the last 12 months less than 10% of UK landlords experienced a tenant dispute. The statistics come from inventory service provider, My Property Inventories and confirmed that 2014 was a relatively stress free period for British landlords. Yet despite this positive outlook, the study also revealed that when disputes did arise they usually concerned damage to property. These types of incidents accounted for 58% of problems.


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