19 January 2015

Bouncy Castle Slash Attack Devastates Local Newlyn Family

Running a bouncy castle hire business can be incredibly enjoyable but like all independent enterprises it doesn’t come without its risks. This was illustrated in a recent incident which left a Newlyn family devastated after a malicious attack on their bouncy castle. The 44 foot long inflatable was the main money spinner of David and Marie Cooper’s family business and was rented out to schools, community events and private parties.

“I can’t think why anyone would do this. It is mindless. This is the best inflatable we’ve got, it is our real focal point. They have gone all down one side cutting into it again and again, sawing through the stitching and cutting crosses to make it even harder to repair,” said David.

The incident occurred while the Ben 10 themed inflatable was on long term loan to the Lamb and Flag, a local pub in the Newlyn area. Overnight the castle was torn to shreds by vandals wielding knives. The deep slashes have rendered the inflatable castle entirely useless and caused £7,000 worth of damage. The attack left the family heartbroken as the castle was purchased with money inherited by David’s mother who had recently passed away.

“I’m still stunned by it. We started Cornovian Bouncy Castle Hire two years ago. My mother died of cancer and I used every penny of the money she left to start the business. We wanted to be able to buy something that would generate money and there weren’t many businesses renting out bouncy castles in West Cornwall,” adds David.

Danny Stocker runs the Lamb and Flag and was shocked to discover the damage when he arrived at his pub on Sunday morning. The bouncy castle was entirely free to use which means that the local community has also lost one of its favourite forms of entertainment. 

“It’s also sad because I’ve never charged for it and loads of the local kids enjoy playing on it so they’ve lost something to do, too. I’ve got boys aged three and six and their friends all come and play on it,” explains Stocker.

This is just one incident which highlights the absolute importance of having a comprehensive insurance policy in place when running a bouncy castle hire business. While most businesses will never have to face such a devastating blow a bouncy castle insurance policy ensures that if you do fall victim to a vandalism attack you will enjoy complete financial support.