29 June 2015

Bizarre Brews Driving the Beer Renaissance

Cool beer mugs over wooden table.Experts are predicting that Britain is on the cusp of a beer renaissance, and innovation lies at the heart of the uprising. If you’re a self-confessed beer aficionado with a taste for all the latest industry developments, read on for a glimpse at what unique new brews are driving the rebirth of the nation’s world famous beer culture.

Wild Beer Co

Based in sunny Somerset, Wild Beer Co has quickly made a name for itself as one of the UK’s most innovative breweries. The company blends exciting flavours with meticulous attention to detail and quality to create utterly unique bottled beer that the nation has fallen pint glass over heels in love with. Our personal favourites include the Sourdough infused brew created in collaboration with Hobbs House Bakery, the espresso chocolate vanilla stout infused Wildbeest, ultra-fresh Cool as a Cucumber and of course, the rich dark malts, cacao nibs, oats and creamy peanut butter taste of Yankee Sandwich.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody anniversary brew

Bohemian Rhapsody is without a doubt one of the most recognised tunes on the planet, and now Queen is celebrating the song’s 40th anniversary with a commemorative lager that they describe as “golden” and “hoppy” in taste. Frontman Freddie Mercury personally designed the label which is sure to feature his trademark flair. The beer’s being brewed and bottled in the Czech Republic, then shipped to British shores.

Steam Machine Brewing

This up and coming new company claims its beers are “crafted with an engineer’s precision and an artist’s vision.” While there are currently only three brews in the works they boast exceptional quality and wonderfully creative labels that are sure to catch the eye of punters across the UK. Our personal pick is the Imperial Russian Stout, described as “an indulgent double stout. It’s velvety rich with dark chocolate, toffee, and subtle banana tones.”

Meantime Brewery’s Summer Saison

Inspired by Wimbledon’s signature taste of strawberries and cream, this limited edition Summer Saison gets its fruity flavour from an infusion of puréed locally-sourced strawberries. “We’ve taken the very best seasonal British fruits, malts and hops to create a wonderfully unique and refreshing summer brew,” explains Ciaran Giblin, head of quality and innovation.

We’re shared our pick of this year’s innovative newcomers, now we want to hear what lagers, ales and other brews that have you salivating this summer.