10 July 2015

10 Tips to Securing Summer Catering Business

Summer is here which means it’s business time for catering companies across the UK. From weddings and graduations to corporate events and street parties, there are a multitude of opportunities to secure new custom and get bottom lines soaring. If you run a catering business and want to make the most of the summer season, read on for a rundown of top tips on how to pull in more clients while the weather’s warm!

Offer special deals

The catering business is a competitive market and it pays to attract customers with special deals and offers that encourage them to choose you over a rival company. You can scale offers according to your individual budget and the number of new clients you want to pull in.

Hire seasonal staff

There’s nothing worse than turning down a job simply because you don’t have the staff power to take it on. Arm your catering business with scope by hiring seasonal staff members that can be commissioned on-demand.

Stay in touch

Be sure to stay in touch with all the clients you drum up over the summer. A great way to do this is by collecting emails and distributing a quarterly newsletter. As well as keeping up communication with clients you can also network with guests by handing out business cards, drumming up a social media following and generally chatting about your services. This will let them know who you are and how to get in touch if they ever require a catering service in the future.

Create a seasonally inspired menu

Brits love seasonal flavours and you’ll attract plenty of new customers by incorporating fresh summer ingredients and themes into your menu. Berries are always a hit, as are stone fruits such as plums, peaches and apricots. Use them to brighten up both sweet and savoury dishes!

Get online

We live in a digital world and it’s essential for all businesses to upkeep a dynamic online presence. Ensure your catering company has a polished and professional website where customers can source details on everything from menus and pricing to contact information and testimonials. Given the fact that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine SEO optimisation should be high on your priority list. Mobile is also expected to overtake general internet access in the next few years which means that a smartphone and tablet friendly site is a must.

Take out insurance

Insurance is an essential part of keeping your catering business safe and functional this summer. If you haven’t got business insurance, take out a policy ASAP. If you’re already covered make sure you’re receiving the best possible deal by hitting up a quote compare website that does all the hard work for you.

Using these top tips you can ensure that your catering business makes the most of the summer season and comes out of it with a portfolio of profitable new clients.