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Sports Insurance
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Get market leading prices for Sports Insurance from Peacock Insurance Services

At Peacock Insurance Services we love sports insurance, we're naturally competitive and love finding out what other people are up to, it really does brighten up our day.

Peacock Insurance Services arrange unique sports insurance policies for individuals, providing personal accident cover, public liability insurance and personal equipment cover all under one policy.

Whether you're a veteran or beginner sports enthusiast, Peacock Insurance Services can arrange a Sports Insurance policy that will suit your needs.

We arrange sports insurance for all sorts of sports from major sporting events such as the 2012 London Olympics to one day sports insurance for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. If you are holding a sports event of any kind we believe we have access to sports insurance at a price you can't ignore.

That may sound like a huge promise but we search over 40 sports insurance companies to provide you with a great rate for sports insurance available.

There are a huge range of participation sports in the UK and we can provide the right sports insurance for each and every one of them.

If you are looking for any of the following then we believe we can provide a great rate available for any sports insurance by searching over 40 sports insurance companies to deliver a low rate for sports insurance available.

If you are looking for sports insurance why not ask us for a sports insurance quote now?

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We also arrange great deals for: